One-line Haiku

cupped still life on bone china tea butterflies
     Wild Plum, March 2017

yanking up weeds the God of me
     Bones 10, Summer 2016

     brass bell online journal: one-liners, April 2016  

winter blues the snow remake of Job's whirlwind
     Failed Haiku, Jan 2017

one bite less of a full moon crazy
     Prune Juice, Issue 17 

inside the oyster shell dawn
      Frozen Butterfly, the video journal of English Language Haiku, Issue 1; also Neverending Story

(r)egret along the riverbank acid rain
     Never-Ending Story    

the year i was born the howl of wolves and poets
     brass bell:  a haiku journal, September 2015 Issue: One-Line Haiku

gender-based war the weight of stones
     Wishbone Moon, 2018

belugas atop the snowbank two blue boxes
     Under the Basho, 2015

you only live once upon a time warp again
     Under the Basho, 2015

justice of the peace-niks and hippies i wear black to my wedding
     Under the Basho, 2015

shoe string theory lost soles and good vibrations
     Under the Basho, 2015

big brains the tics and clicks of Morse code and whale culture
     Under the Basho, 2015

caterpillars leaf-lacing the universe black holes and worm holes
     Under the Basho, 2015

sneakers dangling over the telephone wire participles to(o)
     Sonic Boom, Mar 2016

© Marianne Paul 2011