My Haiku Journey

winter winds
behind my back
the stars

I came to haiku by a circuitous route. Looking back over the journey, it seems like the right route and the inevitable destination. I am where I need to be. I've spent a lifetime writing, mainly novels and large works, gradually paring back my words, my focus, until arriving at haiku. I am drawn to the single-minded attentiveness of the form, full attention to one moment, the layering of two images atop each other, snow upon the bough. The view of creation as billions of pieces of matter and, at the same time, forming a whole, resonates with me. Haiku honours the bits and pieces, and also sees the whole, the “holy” in it.

sunlight through the wings
of the shad fly

“ascension” first published in Tiny Words, 2016
“winter winds” first place Shambhala Mid Winter Haiku Contest, 2014
The haibun as a whole published in the Haiku Canada Member’s Anthology 2017

© Marianne Paul 2011